Computer Graphics Major

Description: A program that focuses on the software, hardware, and mathematical tools used to represent, display, and manipulate topological, two-, and three-dimensional objects on a computer screen and that prepares individuals to function as computer graphics specialists. Includes instruction in graphics software and systems; digital multimedia; graphic design; graphics devices, processors, and standards; attributes and transformations; projections; surface identification and rendering; color theory and application; and applicable geometry and algorithms. Is Computer Graphics the right major for you?
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Computer Graphics Major

What Kinds of Students Major in Computer Graphics?

Computer graphics students are visually oriented, artistically-inclined individuals who are interested in using digital technologies for electronic publishing, illustration, modeling, animation and engineering graphics. A strong aesthetic sense is needed combined with a willingness to work with computer technologies.

Is Computer Graphics the right major for you?
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What Courses Do Computer Graphics Majors Take?

The required and elective courses you would take for Computer Graphics majors vary considerably among institutions. Courses are listed here that are illustrative of the breadth of topics you are likely to experience were you to major in this field.

  • Computer Animation
  • Foundations of Computer Graphics
  • Game Production
  • Geometric Design and Modeling
  • Multimedia Systems and Applications
  • Solid Free-Form Modeling and Fabrication
  • User Interface Design - Implementation and Evaluation
  • User Interface Design (Implementation and Evaluation)
  • Virtual Reality